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Floor Pumps My Foot

You non-cyclists won't get this. Skip it. I just had to vent.

The hilarious video by MC Spandex aka Robin Moore, "Performance" displays a very good use for flakey floor pumps. 

I can't believe it.
I get home last night late after trying to fix the flats on both my
Crusoe and the showroom Pro Petite.
What should have taken me just a few minutes (even if I was not using
the Jim Langley leverless tire removal technique) took over an hour,
and I still left with deflated tires. Why? Frigging floor pumps.
And as if by divine cosmic resonance, the first YAK! item of the day is
all about ... floor pumps!
I don't know who is responsible for designing floorpumps, but if I get
a hold of him (it's gotta be a him, women would not put up with a
gadget that poops out just by looking at it) I shall insert the long
tube somewhere narrow and I will not even remove the valve first. And
I'll continue inserting it until the entire pump has disappeared into
the place i…