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The Handsomest Man in Cuba: "First book I finished in years"

6 years after my Cuba book was published, I still get nice emails from people who've found it in a library, on a shelf in a backpacker's hostel in Nepal (thanks Sarad),  or got it for 99 cent plus $10 shipping on Amazon. It's technically only published in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and now Germany, but has found its way around the globe. It's even in Iraq ...

Here's are some from this week:

Hi Lynette, We've never met; I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Cuba book!I finished it last eve, in preparation for a 3-month trip there next month, & I could barely put it down!  I loved your great honesty, modesty, insights, philosophy, humor, descriptions, etc (& this was the first book I've finished in 10-20+yrs)! If you're ever in the Phoenix area you're welcome to stay in my guest bedroom.
Best wishes!
Dave Foster, AZ


I have to agree with Peter Sutherland about the reviews of your book. I did have to put it down when I went to…

Yoga really works!

I have proof: Yoga works. It really works.

Remember how I put my back out in Tokyo last month? I was crawling around like a ninety-something, unable to even put my socks on, and having to get out of bed on all fours.

As you will read, it is likely I suffered sacro-iliac joint pain, that is, the spot that joins the sacrum to the pelvis got locked up from walking by favoring my right side, and the muscles on the left lower back started spasming, trying to yank my pelvis back into alignment.

Here's a very good article about the sacro iliac joint pain.

After some chiropractic treatment then three weeks of making excuses so I didn't have to do anything, I gingerly took myself off to a yoga class.

To cut a long story short: 90 percent of the stiffness and pain miraculously vanished after that class.

In my Yelp Review of the studio where I did my Yoga teacher training, Joschi Body Bodega, I reported that true to Joschi's claims, Downward Dogs do wonders to one's chest. My…