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SOLD! FOR SALE: My Previous Princess Pink Speeding tikit

UPDATE: Sold, 6/28/11, to Janine who says:
I love riding road so needed a more speeding type of tikit it's 24 miles to work and I work around 13 hrs a day so take the bus and train both besides the bus as I live rurally.


I have a new Bike Friday Speeding tikit. Thank you to Rob,  Alan, Hanna and the Production team at Bike Friday for speccing out such a spiffy machine, and especially Merle and Bethany for the cute note on the box when it arrived at bfold!

My princess pink Model T Speeding tikit is for sale.

Hence, my previous one, about 18 months old, is spruced up and for sale to someone smallish with a penchant for pink (dusty rose, my friend Cheryl calls it) and a fast commuter folder. New, this bike retails for around $2300. David Lam at is selling it - completely overhauled - for $1600.

What makes this a folder fast?  It's set up like a road bike, with 53/39 chainrings, bar end shifters, and a 9-26 rear cassette. This gives a fairly decent gear inch range of …