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Gurus of Gauss and ... Lou Reed rides a folder!

What's this? The Explorer's Club is officially busting out of its extreme snowshoe and crampon mold:

Last night's event - a surprising detour from summit-talk and diving bell banter - was a discourse between famous avante-garde composer Laurie Anderson and experimental muso and "philosopher-naturalist" David Rothenburg. And what's this ... DJ Snoopy slated for an upcoming talk on the calendar? Rock on Hillary! But even more surprisingly, Lou Reed was in attendance. More about that in a moment.

For the uninitiated, the EC is an oak-clad clubhouse hung with the stuff of distinguished adventure - dug out canoes, sleds and snowshoes worn by someone on Wikipedia. It's where scholarly thrillseekers rub ice picks under the watchful eye of a giant (stuffed) gnashing polar bear.

The association between these avante-garde artists and the Explorer's Club is not as tenuous as might think: as the presenter Jim Clash mentioned, both Anderson and Rothenburg have b…

Moving my Yoga postings to a separate blog

As of today I'm moving all my yoga posts to a separate blog.

You can get to it any time from my Galfromdownunder Yoga page or all blogs page.