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Gal Yoga: Saluting the Hoboken Sun with Chelsea Piers Free Yoga

Photos by the Galfromdownunder - mid downdog! 
Is yoga better outdoors or indoors? Beach or park? Ashram or gym?

I've generally preferred indoors, finding the outdoors a bit of a distraction.  But think of the advantages: better dissipation of neighboring sweat, no one bumping into you, and the chance to gaze up at the sky and watch clouds in that boundless blue sky slide by - something we rarely do when we become "grownups" grafted to swivel chairs and tempurpedic mattresses.

Last Thursday, lying flat on my back on Pier 64 with a piece of foam between me and the concrete, I felt strangely exhilarated.

The occasion? The free every-other-Thursday yoga class offered by Chelsea Piers Fitness Center, the massive complex just over yonder. And yes, it really is on Pier 64.

Hint: to locate the cross street, subtract 40 from the Pier number and you get 24th Street.

The instructor, Paolo, was possessed of a delightful South African/British/Spanish something else accent that sou…