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Just be thankful.

This morning I switched on my Blackberry Pearl and clicked on a link a customer Leon in South Africa sent me.

His email simply said:

When we tend to complain how bad things are sometimes we do not know how fortunate we are. This is an article out of today's Sunday Times.

The first thing displayed in my little handheld window onto the world was the above picture with this caption:

No grocery deliveries: Food is much scarcer in Zimbabwe’s rural areas than in the cities. Kudakwashe Chiveura prepares to catch a cricket he has dug up to eat in Mutoko, northeast of Harare. Picture: AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

When I switch on to a news site from the west, like NYT or CNN, the first thing that's windowed is "Democrats set to offer loans to Carmakers". Even on a salary of $1 a year, think of how infinitely better off an auto exec is compared to the above gentleman about to breakfast on a cricket.

How ever hard it may seem, we must try to be thankful. Thank you Leon for your re…