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Hurricane Sandy: Caught between a flush, a charge and a dark place [PHOTOS+VIDEOS]

[VIDEO] Galfromdownunder interviewed by the New York Post
[STORY] Sandy survivor's letter from Manhattan  my op-ed piece for Thank you to the original editor of my book, The Handsomest Man in Cuba,  Barney Collier, for making that happen. Full text below.

[VIDEO] My video of Sandy approaching the Hudson shore on Facebook

38 people lost their lives in one of the biggest hurricanes ever to hit the east coast of the USA. I lost all power, water, heat internet and a bunch of stuff in the freezer for a week - I was one of the lucky ones. Below is my image chronicle of a week in the life of a New York hurricane, as seen from the Chelsea neighborhood (Zone 1/2) - neither severely endangered nor unaffected, but somewhere in between. Below that, the text of my op-ed piece for