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Turning 46 in the Big Apple

Two score and six years ago ... my parents did the default here I am.

I've just landed in NYC after 4 months of rabid customer evangelizing downunder.

I was met at the airport by a Manhattan midnight cowboy who immediately whisked me off to the house of superlative bi bim bap to celebrate, Gam Mi Ok. It's the best, most healthy Asian square meal ever, in a round bowl (vegetarians can always refuse the meat).

Just before I got off the plane, my lawyer James von Boeckmann (the nicest lawyer you'll ever meet, 541-485-0912) called and told me my greencard petition finally got approved. Unbelieveable! It's the end of a longish road. Rather than waiting years going the traditional employer route, I opted to self-petition using the faster, riskier route: National Interest Waiver.

What is NIW? You have to show "exceptional ability" (the rung above it, extraordinary ability, is for young Einsteins and Nobel Laureates) and that your work is in the national interest. He…