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Downward Dog Days in NYC: Tuesday is my Yoga teaching day

Tuesday has become my day of double yoga volunteering.
Chelsea Recreation Center

Today I taught my first BOOMA! Yoga class at the Chelsea Recreation Center, 6-7pm.

BOOMA! is what I wanted to call it, for want of a less ageist word than "senior" or "50+".

But when I arrived at the center,  sure enough, a flyer stuck above the counter simply said "Senior Yoga Tuesday 6pm". The staff told me it was a bit of an oversight and they'd try and correct it. 
Two woman who'd spotted the flyers came looking for my class - one from the Dominican Republic and the other from Mexico. Que bueno! Yet another opportunity para practicar mi Espanol!
The 5th floor art room is a nice space for yoga - one of those rooms with smooth blond wood floors. If I narrow my eyes I might almost hallucinate I'm in the sumptuous studios at Equinox, where the membership is 20 times more expensive, and if you can afford it, you love it. But this is the "everysoul" gym, just…

Come on down (dog) ... BOOMA! Yoga taught by me.

I'm now teaching yoga Tuesdays 6-7pm, starting May 4, Chelsea Rec Center, 25th and 9th NYC. Best thing ... it's free to members, and membership is a recession suppression super deal - $75/year, $10/year for seniors - pools, access to all sister centers etc.

I was asked if I would teach a senior class, since their needs are underserved a world where we worship the youth we all lose ...

Since I already teach at Hudson Guild Senior Center, I'm aiming this class at Fit 50+. 

And I've called it BOOMA! YOGA to be less ageist.

(f-o-g-i-s did cross my mind but I'll wait til I'm 50 before I dare float that one).

So don't expect any serious pretzel moves, but feel perfectly free to upstage me, as Colin Freestone, one of my customers, is doing in this picture. Colin's a long time yogi who offers yoga to cyclists on the trips he leads to Indonesia.

So yes! Cyclists welcome - in which case bring on the pretzels or you might find yourself looking like this.

I w…