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Ka mate, ka mate! NZ Rugby Stars in New York

Kudos! Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts shared this video on his blog
MOVIE: Can't get enough of that Kiwi accent? Project Enabler Sarah Smith explains the serious ballplay behind this event.

I confess I'm not a big into ballsports. I was the 5-foot nothing (on a tall day) runt at school and was never picked for anything except extreme cat's cradling (that's the thing you do with a loop of string). And I think I'm going to embarrass myself even further because I've used the word "footie" in a caption in the above clip, a word I suspect is  reserved for Aussie Rules football only. Right? Wrong?

So what on Mars was I doing at this rugby function?

My galpal Irene Fong emailed me with a November 12 invitation to a fundraiser entitled "New Zealand Rugby Stars in New York."

I skimmed it politely until I saw the host and venue - Kevin Roberts, and my former employer Saatchi & Saatchi! More about that in a New York minute ...

"We're the …