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TIKIT ON TRIAL 2 of 3: Getting our front tire in the door of NY's toughest gatekeepers

... with a little help from our Friday friends NEW YORK CITY-- by Lynette Chiang, Bike Friday Customer Evangelist This story reproduced from the Bike Friday blog About this experiment See all the videos at once
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OFFICE BUILDINGSBelow is a list of buildings with an insider who has offered to let me put the tikit to the test, and if we proceed, the results. Missing information means the appointment is yet to be confirmed. Please email to supply more information or help with the test by offering your building. See the blue box on page 1 for the test procedure. UPTOWN
SUCCESS! BMW Building, 555 W57th @ 11 Ave, NY | View clip
Date of trial:
Wed Dec 5, 2007, 5pm
Insider: DH, Bike Friday Club of NY member, owns 2 folding bikes and a recumbent
Type of building: Secure office building
Known policy/insider statement: "The official policy is that folding bikes are allowed.They let me take my Brompton in folded unbagged, but I take the freight elevator. There are s…