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Handsomest Man in Cuba: Carlo tracked him down on a Friday!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my maiden voyage to Cuba I've created a ...

Handsomest Man in Cuba Facebook Fan Page
And what better way to kick it off than with this utterly stunning photo essay by photographer/editor Carlo Alcos of popular travel writing site, who read my book, bought a Bike Friday, and did his own sojourn in 2010. His dramatic shots far surpass my Kodak happysnaps circa 2000. Take a look for yourself ... more Cuba news

CAMERAS Carlo uses (and you're GONNA wanna know): "A Canon 40D... my two lenses are the Canon EF-S 10-22mm and the Canon EF-S 18-200mm." Rats! big 'ones. I guess I'm gonna have to grow up ...

Carlo Alcos: CUBA PHOTO ESSAY 2010
published by

My wife and I were sitting on the steps of the Capitolio when I said, "is, can't be." But it was. 10 years after Lynette's excursion in Cuba and here he still was, the ma…

Yoga: Thank you Glenn Martin and!

Namaste! Today I received 6 yoga blocks and 6 blankets thanks to the kind donation by Bike Friday Customer Glenn Martin (pictured mid-Vasisthasana on Arizona Camp 2010) and a kind price break by (As I said in my last yoga post, the ex-studio mats were donated by Laughing Lotus and my training was by Joschi Yoga Institute).

It's gratifying to know that a dot com with a word like "direct" in it still has some human intervention to do special things for special people. Thank you Yoga Direct. The special people I'm referring to are the seniors at the Hudson Guild Community Center where I am volunteering a weekly yoga class.

So far I've done 2 classes. Abilities range from belly dancers to someone in a wheelchair. It's really making me think about what really works for different bodily limitations. A lady with problematic feet could not do Downdog. We did Navasana (boat poses) instead - like a Down Dog upside down - no pressure on her feet at all.

Stupor Glue!

A picture paints a thousand gripes. Can you tell what I'm about to rant about on Stand by ... OK, here's the rant: Packaging Design 101: Follow through ... with decent glue.