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*TIKIT ON TRIAL Part 1 of 3: Is it a trusty commuting companion?

Reproduced from the Bike Friday blog

"The tikit experiment is terrific. What a fantastic baseline to judge accessibility by. I've never heard of anyone doing a survey like this - people have counted bike racks but not access to safe storage. A bit of Michael Moore to rally round. It gives me encouragement to try the same thing in Ithaca - where enlightened talk is cheap." -Andrejs O, BF Club of Ithaca.

"I just watched the office building clips. I think taken as a whole they give a nice sense that the only "issues" with riding a bike to work are mostly issues in one's own head. That BMW building bike parking ... most impressive. In NYC there'd still be a market for folding bikes because so many of us have small apartments (i.e. no bike garage at home)." - Mark P.

"I work in Midtown and the CFO threatened to fire me if I brought my covered Brompton into the office. Go figure ..." - Matt 

Around the block and past the guards with a tikit