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Kilauea is venting: My postage-stamp sized piece of Hawaii

UPDATE MAY 2018: KILAUEA IS BACK and she's pissed...  

It's been 4 years I visited my to my sliver of lava on the Big Island (see photos). Back then, Madam Pele was drooling a bit near Pahoa, providing every man and his volcano-sniffing dog a dramatic selfie moment (of which I am guilty, as you can see). 
In May 2018, she's way more antsy.  The news is ablaze with images of roiling fissures opening up all along the half-mile wide, 30-mile long East Rift Zone, which runs just south of my subdivision.  the odds of the Kilauea Volcano erupting were slated as 50 in 700 years last time I asked, and this time, Leilani Estates is one unlucky subdivision.  My sliver is about 4 miles north of the fissure, as you can see from the red circle on the map below (thank you 
Here's a map from Dr Mark Kimura's site showing population affected in the area - my subdivision has 1, 826 residents as of 2015:

You can see another zoomy-handy interactive map here.