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Gal Across America: calling all Bike Friday empty nesters

Are you an empty nester?

Do you have a spare room or sofa where the Galfromdownunder, Bike Friday scribe and Customer Evangelist could lodge, experience your town, get to know you, do her travel slideshows and book readings - and *PAY* you something for the privilege?

I have been trying to come up with ways to experience more of the USA and meet more of the wonderful Bike Friday community without bankrupting myself or Bike Friday, and I suddenly hit on this idea: telecommute my way around America!

Most of my work is now done online - in fact, I am probably writing this from my bedroom or holed up in a cyber cafe in Botswana.

Many BF customers and friends have invited me to stay with them over the past 4 years - I've enjoyed every moment of these stays. I've even been able to reciprocate on some occasions.

I can offer:
$300 a month room rent or pro-rata of $10 a dayLow/no maintenance guestdom, covering all my own food and travel expenses, and contribute to the dinner tableto be…