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Gal in Hawaii February 2006 Update

The view from my homestay in Kaneohe, Oahu.

First, a mini movie review ...

I'VE JUST crawled out from under a crocheted cushion after 'viewing' the Wachowski Bros (Matrix) 1996 movie, 'Bound'. I don't think I'll sleep tonight, I 'll need a stun gun and a Valium to close my peepers .. which were closed for probably 60% of the movie. Extreme suspense, violence, Joe-Pesci-at-his-damndest dialog, a severed digit (or ten) thanks to a pair of garden clippers, plus a rather topical twist: a lesbian couple star as the glam Bonnie and Clyde. Topical, because I've just seen 'Brokeback Mountain', this year's darling gay western flick. 'Bound' has terrific acting and plotting, highly recommended. Warning, 'Bound' contains some serious lesbian, Vaseline-covered lens action of the kind I hadn't seen on late night TV – I suspect straight guys who drool over double date centerfolds will also eat it up.

I am now holed up in Oahu, vi…