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the tikit on Trial in NYC: Getting a folder past New York's toughest gatekeepers

My somewhat ballsy Tikit on Trial experiment spanning 2007-2010, whichtested whether I could muscle my way into office buildings with marble front desks and starched uniformed gatekeepers,  is now archived off the Bike Friday website.

The links below are copies saved by that giant, silent hoarder of everything ever blogged, the Wayback Machine. The articles are mostly intact - but for a quick pictorial tour, check out the Photo Gallery and YouTube movies.

0. Summary (archived)
1. The experiment (archived)
2. The results (archived)
3. Photo gallery (current)
4. The movies (current)

In a nutshell, it was an experiment to see how the the tikit, the Bike Friday commuter folding bike, fared as a piece of personal transportation in NYC. The criterion is that it had to be allowed into the building (that is, off the street, where it could fall prey to thieves).

I shopped and schlepped it around to see if it would be accepted like that other piece of human-toting wheeled transportation readil…