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Downward Dog Days NYC: Now a certified yoga teacher

Fun and games with partner yoga - teacher Michael Kersten shows me a basic Cir du Soleil move

Pictured above: Spring 2009 graduates. Spot the Galfromdownunder doing the easy pose - Navasana.

Three grueling months are finally done and dusted - I'm now a 200-hour certified Vinyasa yoga teacher, according to the certificate that now sits on top of a pile of books including anatomy, The Bhagavad Gita, the Sutras, and a very thick training manual from Joschi Yoga Institute, NYC.

No longer can I make half-baked Downward Facing Dogs with my knees on the ground begging like Fido. Why didn't anyone ever correct me in the past? There's nothing like a formalized course to set you straight on misconceptions you might have had for years.

The course was big on anatomy, as Joschi, the head yogi, is a certified authority in that subject, along with psychology, dance, and other related fields. He and business partner Monika run a tight ship; there's no woo-woo laxness about the course. Yo…