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New York Fashion Week: Folding and Tucking with Telfar Clemens and Bike Friday

PHOTO GALLERYSmall wheels, tall models

The casting (7 mins) Young NY models audition for the show, including riding the tikitTM!
The show (10 mins) 20 minutes of fame as 250  fashionistas converge on Telfar's lunchtime showing
I just finished filming a collaboration between Bike Friday and young fashion designer Telfar Clemens at New York Fashion Week.

No, that's not Telfar above, that's Pavel, one of the young models at the show, who you may see brooding from giant CK billboards. The photo is meant to show our comparative heights: if he's the Empire State Building, I am in comparison, the illegal taco cart in parked in the cutter. Below is a shot of me and Telfar Clemens, with one of the monogrammed tikits we loaned him for his show. Read the full monty below ...

JUST WHO IS TELFAR, I hear you mutter as you tuck your Armani cravat under your helmet strap. And how did he spot The Bike Friday designer label 3000 miles away on the Pacific coast?