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Baring my fake Loubs: How to spot a pair of counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes

THE BIG news story of the day was not the GFC or the horrors in Syria, but the seizure of 20,000 pairs of fake Christian Louboutin (loo-boo-tan) shoes. In this  ABC News story you can see footage of a surly blue uniformed LA customs official handling a pair of screaming pink 6" heel pumps with rubber gloves and pronouncing them fit for the bonfire.

I Googled "spot fake Louboutin" and watched a bunch of hastily-shot home videos and blog posts laboriously pointing out the differences between the real deal and the counterfeit.  So I thought I'd add my own to the mix. Because ...

... I own a pair of fake Louboutins! (I think).

Now, I didn't set out to support fakesters. But I spotted a pair of ridiculously glitzy gold Louboutin sandals JUST MY SIZE at a fairly reputable East Village consignment store that specializes in pre-loved and ex-fashion-shoot apparel. I've bought quite a few things from this store, as the owner has great taste, fair prices and connectio…