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Flat out like a lizard drinking!

... that means I've been busy as a botox kiosk in Beverley Hills. Doing what, you might ask? Take a look:

San Francisco/Berkeley


Arizona Desert Camp making like Charles Atlas as you can see at the right (Lon Haldeman took that shot)

And now I'm off to Australia for all of April and May '08, carousing with customers here.

My FastCompany blog slowed right down when they ported it over to a new system which didn't quite work at first. But now it's up and running as is my latest post (which says March 3 but it was actually March 15).

One thing I tried in Hawaii, was to get a Hawaii driver's license. I thought it would be the coolest thing to hip out and brandish when the weather drops below freezing in other parts of the country. I haven't needed a car, or to drive, for 15 years. But apart from the envy factor, something tells me it might be useful to have one, especially in an emergency, and not be a burden to others.

In a nutshell I passed the written but f…