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Good news for crunchy knees (and 3 bike Fit Experts you should know)

TODAY I received some good news - and in this recession, any news is good news.

My knees, which were starting to sound like I was hiking through granola when descending a stairs, are not falling apart after all. I merely have a relatively benign form of crepitus. Wiki it and you'll see it's a term for anything that leads to innoisy knees. In my case, no bones or diminished cartilege seems to be involved - just fluid.

I consulted's Ed Pavelka on this last year, who wrote: Lynette -- you need to see a cycling medical specialist. The best in the business is Andy Pruitt at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. If you can't go to Colorado maybe he can recommend someone in your area. Generally, pain behind the knee indicates a saddle that's too high. But there can be alot more to it than that. Good luck. -- Ed

Since I was in NYC, I decided to go local at first. At the suggestion of Mike Sherry, coach for the NY Emp…