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Children's Education Foundation Vietnam: $150 goes a long way

I've just made a donation to an unsung and extremely worthy cause: The Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam.

This tiny charity, run by the tireless Linda Hutchinson-Burn relies on a just a few donors who know about her tenacious, selfless work that strives to keep young Vietnamese girls from impoverished families in school - and thus out of the hands of traffickers.

I was invited to a low-key fund raising dinner Linda organized in Brooklyn.  At the top of this post is the impromptu video I shot of her presentation. I urge you to watch it and learn of her amazing work.

It started out like this: while holidaying in Vietnam 10 years ago, Linda saw that the mothers of extremely poor families literally worked themselves to death. "She died of tiredness" is a common explanation for death. Illness and premature death mean children must abandon school to look after remaining family members - making them a target for traffickers.

"A child in school is far less likel…