Japan on a Friday: Moleskine Detour Show, MOMA Design Store, Tokyo

Watch my illicit little movie

It's a traveling exhibition of individualized Moleskine notebooks by artsy types that you can fondle and admire - with white gloves.

I've used a Moleskine for years - my favorite ones are the simple notebooks that come in packs of three and fit into the tightest jeans pocket. Guess what - they still tell you phone numbers and addresses even after your cellphone dies.

The most memorable one - on fast glance because unbeknownst to me, you weren't supposed to photograph anything - was designer Julia Lohmann's glass (or was it crystal?) studded Moleskine. It gave me all kinds of ideas of what to do with the draw full of found objects I can't quite bring myself to trash ...

More at http://www.galfromdownunder.com/japan

I'll be wringing the most out of my $US330 (!!!) Japan Rail Pass from Oct 29-Nov 4, using internet cafes rather than lugging my precious MacBook Pro, so stand by ...


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