Greets from IOWA, no wait ... Chicago

One of the many things you can buy on RAGBRAI

My RAGBRAI shots (the photogallery doesn't work that well in CHROME)

I've just returned from bouncing around like an email selling Viagara .... NY, Philly, Texas, Eugene, Seattle and finally IOWA, where I rode across the state with 10,000 others on RAGBRAI. Including Lance, who, at all times, seemed to be riding his bike just outside my field of vision.

After many 'Where's Lance?' moments I lightheartedly accused his yellow and black clad platoon of fundraisers of being paid to say 'here's over there' while pointing in precisely the opposite direction. I saw one guy who I swore was Lance except on dropping my gaze to his shoes I saw a pair of sandals. Would Lance wear sandals? If he was wearing ballet slippers with a large gold button on the toe I'd know it was him - I read somewhere he was dating a NY fashion designer called Tori Burch whose signature creation for 2007 are those very slippers. But no, they were just those clunky old Shimano cycling sandals, Jesus boots with cleats, as a friend calls them.

So while I gather myself and sort out my RAGBRAI photos - and what a rolling party that was - I hope you'll be content with reading about my visit to the amazing Little People of America Conference in Seattle and to the quirky Round*Up folding bike fest in Philly where you will find a video of the Fast Folding Showdown.

Pronto ...


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