NYC ... the next Hawaii?

Pictured: Ann Kobsa preparing to 'plant' some seeds on my sliver of Hawaii (which I merely borrowed from mother earth for a fee of $20K) using the Fukuoka method of natural farming - basically tossing it to the winds ... read more

It's been hot as Hawaii in high summer here in NYC.

Yesterday I partook of a 60 mile round trip bike rider to Garden City led by 5bbc member and NY history wiki-on-wheels Danny Liebermann. Many of us were wiped out by the time we'd done 45 miles of basically flat urban riding. There we were, slumped against the walls of an 'Amish (hardly) Market', sipping fancy cold drinks and talking of taking the subway back. Of course, any bike rider will tell you that extended flat bike rides are in may ways more fatiguing than hilly ones - it's one long steady grind, rather than some butt-relieveing downhills.

My last post, an extended tirade about global warming (ah, thank god for blogging, better than paying a $120 an hour therapist) mentioned that some may simply see the heating up of our atmosphere as a boon - 'better beach weather.'

Ever since buying a postage-stamp-sized piece of land in Hawaii I've been trying to get friends and customers to buy a piece right beside me so we can all live happily ever after off the grid. Now they're down to $12-15K for a buildable lot just 20 miles from Hilo airport - what are you all waiting for?

But this weather has made me contemplate as to why prices have fallen from the already fairly reasonable 20K I paid to a song. It seems obvious ... global warming!

Just as the price of gas is sure to render McMansions on top of steep hills virtually worthless, the Pacific Northwest, NYC, and all those places people without musch insulation on their bones love to hate in winter, will be delightfullly sufferable in shorts and a tee. Who would need to go to Hawaii anymore, especially as you might not be able to get there unless you swim ...?

Well, for me, the Big Island of Hawaii is still a pretty special place ... that is, as long as you can still buy 4 papayas for $1, GMO or otherwise, I mean, just take a look at that picture above.

It strikes me as strange how people will go a long way to be able to hike and ramble in nature, yet their front gardens resemble an anal retentive architect's desk.

If I ever get to the stage of building a little place on my land, I want to just hollow out the middle and plonk a little hermet's house dead center - from the road, it will look like a piece of forgotten, unkempt wilderness ...


Liz said…
well done you.

found your blog through the Fast Company articles (love that company) and really enjoyed how you write - and live.

i'll be linking your blog to my 3. yeh, I live the happy life just like you do except I'm in Ireland via 30 years in Oz (perth and the outback).

i'm planning to build an offgrid sustainable cob house over the next few years. Sounds like a lovely wee cottage/hut on your land would be just the thing.

as for money - i totally agree with you. Too much can be too much.

I earn a lot less than all my clients and they envy the fact that I can sleep in, take 10 weeks off to visit my family in Oz,and sit by the fire writing to other bloggers while they are dealing with office politics.

Really glad I found your blog and will look forward to more of your great writing.


Have I stumbled across a sistuh? Please point me to your place in the cybersun if that so inspires you ...

The Gal.
Liz said…
Hi Mate
Check out my blogs

I'm going to write a post about you, your blog and the article you wrote for Fast Company on Liz Biz tomorrow. I'll be linking your blog on all 3 of my blogs.

Right now I'm getting ready for all the kids trick or treating tonight. Bought the lollies, the devil horns head dress and the Jacobs Creek pink sparkling (for me) and any grown ups. I live in a tiny village in Leitrim called Ballinamore and everyone gets into the spirit of it all. I'd better download some spooky music to play when the children come a knocking.

yeh - I think we may be kindred spirits in a number of ways - the way we choose to live and define a successful life; our micro enterprises - and sheer love of living.

Keep in touch.

Liz (and just for tonight you can call me Devil Princess or B.I.T.C.H. - babe in total control of herself)

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