My life is a motion blur ...

Wow! Since leaving NYC I've been on the go and bleating on everyone else's blog (Bike Friday's and FastCompany) but my own! I've been in doing the Bike Friday shuffle in San Francisco, Sacramento, and now Hawaii. I'm off to the annual Bike Friday Arizona Desert Camp in March, then to Australia for the Australian Bike Friday Club gathering.

Here's a motion blur update ...

Riding with the Honolulu Tradewinds Bike Club out to Waimanalo and back - fast furious! Sorry I couldn't manage a more scenic backdrop than this "unremarkable lump of rock" ...

Chance encouter in Kapiolani park with daughter of the Bragg's Liquid Aminos empire and author of 'The Triathlon Endurance Training Book', Patricia Bragg. Dressed in pink, she seemed enamored with my hot-rod pink Pocket Rocket Pro Petite ...

Gazillion dollar view from this Lanakai beach shack, where I was invited to a birthday party.

The Hawaii Bicycling League Annual Membership Dinner - lau lau and poke on the buffet, The Handsomest Man in Cuba and the tikit for dessert. This was the second year in a row that I was guest speaker for this club - conveniently during the North American winter!

John Climaldi, HBL Events Director, totes the tikit and its suitcase to my talk. He's just joined the fold, purchasing a 10 year old pre-loved Pocket Rocket.

Tikiting outside Arnie Schwarzenegger's office at the Capitol building in Sacramento. You can go right inside and snap pictures of his long suffering secretary at her desk.

Little Person Dan Okenfuss has a big job as senior staffer to Member Ted Liew

Bike Friday Club of Sacramento ride out from new tikit agent Carmichael Cycles

Leah Shaman, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, thinks that while the new Warm Planet Bikes Valet Station is a great idea, if everyone had a folding bikes things might be even better!

Meeting Rob Van der Plas of Cycle Publishing, who wrote a blurb for the front page of The Hansomest Man in Cuba.

BF Club of San Francisco ride 'Chilly Hilly' ride from new Bike Friday dealer VeloSport, Berkeley.

Berkeley is an extremely cycle-civilized, with well designated 'bicycle boulevardes' - drivers stop to let you cross, even on busy streets. The bicycle boulevard street signs are colored purple.

I even sat in on a Law lecture at UC Davis. I always wanted to be a lawyer. Love them torts ...

BF Club of Palo Alto co-leader David Muffly and BF Club of SF co-leader Jym Dyer commune at Warm Planet's Bicycle Valet grand opening. I demonstrated the tikit and showed the Round*Up Fast Fold Showdown video.

Why we need a folding bike like the tikit - a 50 mpg Honda Insight rubs bumpers with a Hummer, but neither is the answer to the global oil problem

Can't resist returning to some Hawaii shots - hard at work here with BF Club of Hawaii member Lt Col Jim Gibson in Haliewa.

What's not to love about Hawaii?


this Just in said…
Looks beautiful there, Lynette. I hope you're having fun!

I don't bike, but I don't drive either...I just walk. :)

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