Interviewed by Dumbo Feather

Dumbo Feather is very nice to touch-and-sniff coffee table mag featuring interviews with people who've spent a bit of time physically and/or mentally outside their own postcode (or zipcode as they say upover).

If your internet connection doesn't complain about downloading the very stylishly art directed PDF, do avaread. You can find this link to it buried in my bio. They've made some of my snapshots look very arty indeed, including a classy cropping of the above shot, which is simply a close up of a topo map of the Nanawale Estates subdivision where I have my sliver of foliated lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I was contacted by Kiwi editor/owner Kate Bezar while downunder 2008, and she came over to my apartment and let me ramble into her little dictaphone. Since it came out I've received emails from some wonderful people from my past: Sue Carey and Gigi, from my days at Saatchi. And some coincidences: I was wandering down 19th street in Chelsea, Manhattan a month ago and stopped by a small restaurant called Tello, where I had a protracted conversation with the hostess out the front - an aspiring blond Aussie actress called Sarhys Page. Some weeks later I received this email from her:

I'm really hoping you remember me, although I understand if not haha. A few months ago you dropped into an Italian restaurant I was hostessing at in Chelsea called Tellos, and you wanted to come back with a bunch of friends. We were chatting for a while out the front and you told me your website but I lost it. I'm the 18 yr old Aussie girl that moved over here to get into acting... Ringing any bells? Well, my mother just came over here to visit me for the first time since I moved and she happened to have brought me a copy of Dumbo Feather. She is doing business with Kate at the moment (if you flick to the back page, every subscriber gets a free Moral Fibre t-shir t... Well my mother Billie Paris is the founder of Moral Fibre).

I have been writing weekly blogs since my international adventure began and mum showed Kate one of them, and to my utter amazement decided to publish one in the latest issue of DF ("Making it in NYC"). I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out! Then as I was flicking through the rest of the magazine I came across your interview! I can't believe how insane that is, what a small world. I didn't realise how much incredible stuff you've accomplished! Your story is so intriguing and inspiring, the fact that you just decided to pack up and start cycling is so amazing. We should definately stay in contact, I think we were meant to meet. ...

I've since caroused with Sarhys here in NY ... including dumpster diving on a pair of upper West Sidewalk discarded chairs, which went all the way to her digs in Bushwick on the train - intriguing bystanders and causing hawkers much envy. Multimedia on that soon ...

Gal in NYC multimedia


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