Got my Greencard at last!

Well here it is - some 8 years after landing in the USA on a temporary H1B work permit.

In truth, I only started applying for it properly about 18 months ago, under the category National Interest Waiver, which I talked about here.

The people I must thank include the referees I had to muster to build my case. Either that or get married, and we can't have me doing that, now can we?

Thank you to the following people for providing glowing references:

Fred Matheny,
Alan Scholz, Co-founder, Bike Friday
Dan Okenfuss, VP Public Relations, Little People of America
Douglas Card, Adjunct Professor, U of O
Eileen Lafer, Professor, U of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio
Fred Iannotti, Life Member, Appalachian Mountain Club
Gihon Jordan, Transportation Expert
Jackie Huba, Principal,
Jeff Bernards, Bicycle Advocate
Jerry Norquist, CEO, Cycle Oregon
Jerry Segal, CFO, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.
Jim Clash, "The Adventurer", Associate Editor, Forbes Magazine
John Chamberlain, Senior VP, BT Commercial
John S Allen, Regional Director, League of American Bicyclists
John Schubert, Cycling authority, Adventure Cycling Association
Jorge Oller, CEO, Tribu Saatchi & Saatchi Costa Rica
Joy Ramos & Daniel Davis, Producers, Beyond 50
Kevin Roberts, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Worldwide
Kristin Allen, former Marketing Director, Bike Friday
Lon Haldeman, Ultracycling Hall of Fame,
Paula Radetzky, U of O
Patricia Lang, Rhode Island Blood Bank
Phil Liggett, Voice of the Tour de France, OLN, ESPN, NBC, CBS


Majid Shirzadegan, U of O - for pointing me in the right direction
Peter Eberhardt - for pointing me to Majid

AND the following lawyers for generous advice:

James von Boeckmann - who drafted this petition for an affordable fee
Cletus Weber - a Seattle-based expert on NIW who I couldn't afford but gave me excellent advice
Sean Manning - who drafted my original work permit petition 8 years ago

MOST OF ALL, to BIke Friday, for helping fund my petition so I can have more options in 'merica.

Of course, I'm trying not to grimace at getting this card right when the USA economy is tanking, but them's the breaks. I guess I can now go join that loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong line I saw yesterday ...


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