NY Minutes: Why you need a folding bike

i.e. a bike you can bring inside. Say no more. Wait! Say THIS. OK, I gotta say more ...

At the Film Society of Lincoln Center's GreenScreens event on May 5, I was the lone little panelist touting the virtues of transportation you can take with you, not to mention that you can get your leg over a small wheeled bike when you're 64, 74, 84 ...

Present at the screening were luminaries of the bike advocacy world including Bicycle Film Fest's Brent Barbur and Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance frontman Scott Bricker - featured prominently in the film Veer - who came all the way over to the dark side especially for the screening. Unfortunately, the rain kept most people off their bikes and away from the event. I tried to find Scott after the show for a chat, but I guess he'd already winged it back to the west coast.

Naturally I did a bit of the crowdpleasing 1-2 with the pink tikit, and raffled off a Traffic Cone Bag.

Thanks to the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Isa Cucinetta, Marian Masone, and former GreenScreens coordinator and Bike Friday tikit owner (!) Sharon Bahus for getting me and Bike Friday in the limelight for a New York Minute.

 Proud moment for my mother - coming all the way to NYC to see her daughter on stage. Ah, well, not Broadway, but around the corner. 

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