Singapore on a Friday: Riding with Mark Mobius, Father of EmergingMarkets

The Galfromdownunder rides with the Man from All Over in Singapore

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I've just landed in Singapore and hit the ground pedaling, meeting and riding with customers Mark Mobius ( and Richard Piliero from Franklin Templeton (the "Gain from our Perspective" people).

So who is Mark Mobius, and more importantly, what are the likes of me doing hanging out with the likes of him?

Mark is considered "The Father of Emerging Markets." He coined the term which means investing in developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). Already this acronym is becoming obsolete as the economies of "emerging" countries start to pick up and approach cushiness of the first world. He travels globally and constantly, frequenting 24-hour gyms while orchestrating big deals - and rides his small wheels whenever he can.

I sold Mark his first Bike Friday 8 years ago and now...we finally get to ride together! I remember the sale Mobius is an incredible example of a pro at the top of his game when most his age are sitting back in a rocker or playing bingo ...

In fact, there's even a MANGA comic written about him:

Mark Mobius Manga comic

I shot the pic below as I tried to keep up with Mark and Richard on a spin while I was in town. Mark is based out of Honkers but just happened to be in Singers this very weekend.

Over a cold coconut juice Mark inspected my Traffic Cone Bag - apparently it was not a patch on a simple nylon pack-tiny backpack he got from somewhere in China for probably a lot less than my Made in NYC invention. I guess he didn't consider it a big enough emerging market!

 "The best investment you can make in your health!" says Mark, of his (third) Bike Friday. Check out the details of my visit on the links at the start of this post.  Off to search for Durian


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