NY Minutes: Happy VD 2010 - maybe.


Strolling past this building in Chelsea, NYC, I looked up to see a rolled tube containing a rose fall from a high window. It landed with a phtttht in the branches of a tree, as you can see. 
What's the story behind this fallen rose, here on Valentine's Day? 

Was it a "To heck with you!" moment?

I paused a moment, waiting for an armful of men's clothing to swiftly follow, but it never came. 



Andrejs said…
I'm going to cancel my subscription to the New York Times news alerts and rely entirely on your reporting from New York. For the first time in decades, I not only have a sense of what's going on in New York, but I'm actually interested in the things I learn. Thanks for illuminating our coast for a while.
Andrejs, thank you for appreciating my "upover" slant on things, but I would hold off canceling subscription to the TImes - only it can provide you with notice of the coolest threads before your fellow Ithaca fashionistas beat you to it: http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/lynette-chiang/247-customer-evangelist/frozen-assets-and-you-thought-house-negro-sounded-bad
Even I don't get my tikit into the Prada store as often as I should: http://www.galfromdownunder.com/tikitontrial

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