Booma Yoga: The babies, not the boomers!

Do these look like 50+ boomers to you? Nope.

My Booma! Yoga class is getting off to a slow start at the Chelsea Parks and Rec Center - and today's monsoon-like rain didn't help. Meanwhile downstairs, the aerobics class was packed and in full swing. What gives?

I suspect it is partly little flyer the center prepared.

* The time slot is 6-7pm, which  suits me and younger folk, but not seniors.

* The poster says 50+, which suits seniors, but not younger folk.

So it's keeping both groups away.

I'm going to ask them if they can tweak it to ...

All ages welcome

No wait, let's K.I.S.S. that goodbye and make it EASY YOGA.

Because it's a class that will suit newbies AND seniors.

I waited a while, not really minding that no-one was turning up - I am offering my time as a service, and the commitment to do so is as much a part of my contribution as teaching the class itself. Besides I can always catch up on some Barackberrying.

Enter Doris, one of the the three center managers. She popped by to see who I was doing, went away, and then apparently strong-armed the above four eager young things in the elevator on their way to their aerobics class. Thank you Doris!

None of the four had done yoga before.

They were shocked at the shortness of their hamstrings - a simple "short dog" (down dog with a shorter stance to enable heels to reach the ground more easily) proved to be a real challenge.

They were visibly sweating after a few sun salutations. Perfect! Despite the rise in popularity of yoga, it's still an activity that you "arrive" at, usually when you get persuaded of its benefits by someone else, or you notice one day an alarming stiffness from years of failing to stretch.

I explained to them that stretching is as necessary as aerobic and weight bearing activity - the three go hand in hand.

Did they like the class?

YES! If they were just humoring me, I don't mind either. We'll see if they show up next week ...

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