My Easy Yoga class now ultra FREE: ShapeUpNYC

My Booma! Yoga is now being re-monikered to Easy Yoga. Yep, rather than "say it straight, then say it great" I'm going for "say it straight, then say it straighter."

I discovered last night that newbies and seniors are pretty close in their requirements ...

Apparently Doris, the Chelsea Parks and Rec mover and shaker, had spent the week strong-arming everyone able to bend at the waist to come to my class.

Bless her. I arrived to find the room already full, including the four kidz who stumbled in last week.

Most had never done yoga;  a handful had done "this much" - picture a raised thumb and forefinger pressed together.

Ages ranged from around 20, to an 83 year young gal who was game to try everything.

After teaching them a short dog and a simplified Vinyasa involving a short dog and a rock back to child's pose, the room was visibly sweating - who needs hot yoga?

"Never thought yoga was so hard!" cried a really athletic looking young man who had probably never had the occasion to stretch his hamstrings longer than necessary to press the accelerator or open lats beyond raising a beer.

I like to get students put their hands lightly on their hips to make a decent tuning of Warrior I, squaring the hips - pretend your elbows are two ears sticking out the side of your head - they should face the front, not the corner.

I also showed them how to fold the mat to keep it clean:

Fold in half like a book, the side that was facing up now on the inside. Fold in half than half again. Voila, the side that was on the floor is nowhere touching the inside.

See you in class - bend it or mend it!

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Justin said…
My roommate, Kim, wants to be a student!

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