Friday, December 7, 2012

CUBA: The Handsomest Man in Cyberspace

The Handsomest Man in Cuba is now available as a Google e-book.

If you want it for your e-reader, it looks like you can read 50 pages for free, and then there's a link to it in my lemonade stand. I'm not sure if the color photos are included. But now, you can save a tree (well at least, a fully-formed one). If you're an American, you can read it without the cover arousing suspicion!

You can also read 3 chapters on my handsomest webpage on Cuba

Thank you in advance for purchasing it and supporting people who write things - careful, you might encourage us to write some more!

My friend Lynn souvenired this poster from the time of Leian Gonzalez affair, around 2000. I was given a t-shirt and asked to "wear it in my home country."
I still have this t-shirt, given to me by the gentleman wearing it.

Link to the Handsomest Man in Cuba e-book

Link to The Handsomest Man in Cuba Official Webpage

Link to the Handsomest Man in Cuba Facebook page

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