CUBA: The Handsomest Man in Cyberspace

The Handsomest Man in Cuba is now available as a Google e-book

UPDATE: The rights for the Handsomest Man in Cuba have been reverted back to me. That means the e-book has been decommissioned. You can still easily get hold of copies on Amazon for next to zip, lucky you!

Watch this space for talking book (in my alarming Aussie accent) and a new kind of e-book with input from YOU, dear reader! 


If you want it for your e-reader, it looks like you can read 50 pages for free, and then there's a link to it in my lemonade stand. I'm not sure if the color photos are included. But now, you can save a tree (well at least, a fully-formed one). If you're an American, you can read it without the cover arousing suspicion!

You can also read 3 chapters on my handsomest webpage on Cuba

Thank you in advance for purchasing it and supporting people who write things - careful, you might encourage us to write some more!

My friend Lynn souvenired this poster from the time of Leian Gonzalez affair, around 2000. I was given a t-shirt and asked to "wear it in my home country."
I still have this t-shirt, given to me by the gentleman wearing it.

Link to the Handsomest Man in Cuba e-book

Link to The Handsomest Man in Cuba Official Webpage

Link to the Handsomest Man in Cuba Facebook page


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