A reader from SFO discovers the Handsomest Man on a Friday

Rare footage of Havana, Cuba in the 1950's. For more videos, visit our site: 
Here, captured on film, is the drama, passion, intrigue, and opulence of a legendary city during its heyday-before the Castro dictatorship obliterated it. Travel back in time to a bygone era, where glamour, elegance, and class once ruled.

Every so often I receive a nice email from someone in the world who's stumbled across The Handsomest Man in Cuba either on Amazon, in a local library or on a friend's bookshelf. They've usually enjoyed it (except for this reader) and in some cases, have taken it to Cuba with them, visited the many Cubans I listed in my book, and in one case, actually hunted down the Handsomest Man.

Today's email was from Eric in San Francisco who just happened to be looking at Cuba and Bike Fridays and apparently couldn't believe his luck on finding a book that married the two together:
Hi Lynette.
Just read The Handsomest Man in Cuba.  I really enjoyed it on multiple levels.  Quick background:  I took a non bike trip to Cuba last year (although I did talk my way into pedaling 2 pedicababs while the official pedaler took a break in the back.)  I really enjoyed a lot about Cuba and would like to return.  And just lately I've been looking at Bike Fridays for possible future travel .   Then suddenly there's your book at the local library.  A woman who Bike Fridays through Cuba and is generous enough to write about it.  One of those The universe provides opportunities. 
OK, that's the praise.  Short, but sincere.
Now the invite.  I've been riding SF Critical Mass for many years now.  They are celebrating 20 years of SF Critical Mass at this month's ride, the last Friday, Sept 28.  The Mass has been called a Rolling Festival, as well as an Organized Coincidence,  and this celebratory one ought to be even a notch above.   
I get the feeling you end up at many bike events all over the place, planned or otherwise.  If you're somehow near, I think this Mass would benefit from your presence and energy.  And dare I say, it might be right up your alley. 
Again, I could relate to and got a lot out of some of your insights along the trail in Cuba, and enjoyed the read.
A new fan.
Eric also sent along the above fabulous YouTube movie which shows Havana in its heyday - still no more crowded than where I was there (circa 1999) but in slightly better shape.  As of 2012 I hear Castro has gone all eco-conscious and gifted every sentient congris-eating being in the nation with a rice cooker and crock pot in the name of greener living. Looks like modish concepts like sustainability are reaching the nation faster than fundamentals like enough soap and no child being left iPad-less, but things seem to be moving ... Thank you Eric!

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