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Pole Dancing 101 - A Mother and Daughter Excursion

Pole Dancing [def:] A type of vertical gymnastics using a stationary or spinning steel shaft and usually, footwear with a sharp heel. Said to have been invented by a bored cleaning lady in a fire station one evening, although this has never been verified. The Carousel: rather like twirling honey on a spoon - when you're not falling flat on your ass "Pole dancing? Want to try it? BYO pole!" I'll try anything once, maybe thrice, and I know who I get it from: my 69-year young mother of all mothers.   She greeted me at Sydney airport with her latest "why the hell not?" idea: pole dancing. Specifically, a website scribbled on a piece of paper: Her intention was that I do it, not "what?-me-with-my-bad-back?" she, but I secretly signed both of us up for the $A39, 2-hour "taster lesson."  On the big night, we took ourselves into town on the bus, armed with our "Virgin Polestar" e-reser

A link back to my earlier Cuba book and DVD news ...

I was originally putting all my book, talks and DVD news on a separate Livejournal blog, but now I'm going to simply start putting it on GALFROMDOWNUNDER.BLOGSPOT.COM You (and I) can reference that earlier material here: