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New Zealand Rugby Part 2: Brains, Biceps and BAAcodes

WARNING: Strong Kiwi content including an accent that will melt the hearts of lovers of the Kiwi lilt ... Watch on YouTube to leave a comment IS it possible for the words "romance" and "rugby" to tête-à-tête in the same sentence? Chief behind-the-scenes enabler of the recent NZ Rugby Stars in NY at Saatchi bash, Sarah Smith, makes a ruck and a maul sound like warm handshake and canoodle as she describes the aims and aspirations behind the program - to facilitate a very sporting cultural, educational and potentially economy-enhancing exchange between New Zealand and the USA, via the medium of stellar student Rugby. I interviewed the NZ Trade and Enterprise attaché at the ThreeTarts , One of Oprah's favorite micro-desserteries in Chelsea, where treats are no bigger than the average Chelsea toy chihuahua ('s poop). The November 12 event at Saatchi netted $23,000 to fund two very smart and presumeably large-biceped exchange students via the Play Rugb