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Product Review: The Rinsten Spring Shock Absorber for bicycles

The Rinsten Spring on a Bike Friday   Pros: Simple device, fits on any bike Accommodates riders up to 150 kg (330 lbs) Appears to work, good on small wheeled bikes Minimalist aesthetic Relatively Inexpensive Considerations: You can’t as easily carry your bike upstairs on your shoulder Gets in the way of your toolbag You may need to cut down your seatpost to make it the right height Some may not like the “oscillating” sensation Adds 392g (0.85 lb) VIDEO: A glimpse from the road I WAS recently contacted by a mysterious person on LinkedIn, asking if I’d test a new bicycle shock absorber. The contact had a rather long, rather foreign-looking name, and I confess my first reaction was to dismiss it as a scammer from Russia along with the zillions of emails I get from factories in China asking if I want to order some traffic cones (yes, I’m the inventor of the Traffic Cone Bag ).  But since I was heading out of the New York tundra and into a perfe