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Sheldon Brown: Ride In Peace

Yesterday, the Grand Wiki of bicycle bells, whistles and everything below the saddle passed away. My humble tribute to Sheldon Brown on the Bike Friday website. I never met the man, but we used his gear inch calculator every day ... Where am I? Currently staying in a 1-coconut town called Ka'a'awa, which means "where the mountains meet the sea" - they sure do. There is a very large and majestic, mossy lump of planet breathing down my neck ... See photos of my Hawaii loiterings with a laptop here

Aloha, but not in my backyard

Picketing against illegal picket fences ... PHOTO GALLERY | MOVIE CLIP | GALFROMDOWNUNDER IN HAWAII I've just attended my first rally in a long time - the placard waving, chanting and foot-stomping kind. For bicycling? No, for beachcombing! Well actually, we're talking the full monty of ocean worshipping activities, like surfing, swimming, walking, sunbathing, beach-barbecuing, and kiddie favorites like jellyfish-poking and limpet harassing ... The rally was organized by Beach Access Hawaii , Surfrider Foundation and other citizen advocacy groups, collectively incensed at the increasing gall of "rich landowners" who've been surreptitiously gating and blocking off beach access paths for quite some time - and no one is stopping them. Often, the gates are torn down only to be put right back up again, with fake signs saying "Private Access" and "Trespassers will be stoned with coconuts" or words to that effect. Some even hire security g