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Where I was, and wasn't - on 9-11. And you?

Where I first landed: Bike Friday in Eugene, Oregon USA I had just arrived in the USA , and was interning at Bike Friday, Eugene, Oregon. Every morning at 8am was a sales meeting. I was transitioning from being a nite owl in Central America to a morning person in the USA, and judging from the empty chairs around the sales manager's cubeless cube, I wasn't the only one. Nonetheless, I managed to get to the shop by 7.58am, park my bike in the garage at 7.59am and wandered through the small break room where, unusually, the TV was on. One of the new salesguys, Michael Kelly, was standing in front of it, staring. "What are you watching?" I asked. "World Trade Center," he said simply. I saw the smoking towers on the old fuzzy box (even then, this was a clunky old telly with a bubble screen) but it didn't register. I thought it was a special effects movie and Michael was indulging in a bit of pre-work viewing. I mean, everyone in 'merica