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A sunscreen story from Downunder

Remember, a few years ago, when they told women to start wearing sunscreen daily, or end up a wrinkled old prune ?  It was the era of PABA , or para-amio benzoic acid. This was the most common sunscreen ingredient at the time, at least Downunder. Sometime later, it fell out of favor due to allergic reactions.  I was one of those unfortunate "reactionaries."  I remember putting Hamilton Sunscreen on my face - a popular pharmacy brand - and within a few days my cheeks started itching. Then it got worse - little fluid filled bumps and a redness that spread across my face.  The usual thing we do, of course, is try all manner of salves and lotions in our medicine cabinet "just to see what will happen." It usually it makes it worse. It's like trying to experiment with putting too many fruits in a smoothie or ingredients in a soup and ending up with something ashen-gray in hue with a "something not quite anything" flavor. A dermatol