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Dr Doug Meyer, RIP

Today I blogged on FastCompany about Dr Doug Meyer, who jumped 17 floors to his death. Read post Thanks to Doug's colleague Steve Chang, a great friend and Bike Friday customer, for providing insight into Doug's life. The last time I saw Doug was at Halloween in NY; such a low key and unassuming man, he stayed clear of my video. Steve, however, appears at the end. Halloween in NY movie clip I've been busy tripping north to spread the low-hydrocarb gospel in Brisbane . Here's how I arrived in Brisbane, 14 hours in a folding hotel room. Check out the folding frenzy of the Countrylink sleeper cabin (Movie clip) Before that I interviewed REMO, the purveyor of Stuff with a Story (Movie Clip) - astounding, given that I'd upset them by critiquiing their email campaign. Finally, here's the kind of urban jungle we'd all welcome - hidden in a fold of suburban Paddington in Sydney: Heading back to Sydney July 17, then to Eugene, Oregon, Aug 6.