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Floating Sticky: Galfromdownunder where?

Here's a clue to where I'll be when, or was: Bike Friday Event Calendar  ... specifically my spot on it +++ Oct 2009 Singapore and Japan Sep 2009 Cape Cod Jun 2009 Georgia May 2009 New York April 2009 Colorado April 2009 Yoga Teacher Certification March 2009 Arizona +++ Jan 2008 San Francisco/Sacramento Feb 2008 Hawaii Mar 2008 Arizona Mar-Aug 2008 Galfromdownunder downunder Sep 2008 New York GAL MOVIES Check out the latest Gal movies on YouTube or go right to the all-time best ones My old Livejournal Latest News use to do the job of this WHERE sticky - now it just stores interesting history about my Cuba book for posterity Permalink for this post: