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A most bizarro kink ...

Strewth, you learn something new and wierd every day ... I just posted this video of myself getting a haircut (for NY) in Chinatown for my upcoming Cheap'n'Choosy blog post and noticed almost 900 hits on it within a day of posting. How odd ... I used YouTube's handy Insight tool and found that a large chunk of views came from the clip being linked at The Shampoo Forum . Reading through some of the posts there reveals a foamy fetish - people who love getting their hair shampooed, brushed, combed ... Now we all love that feeling, just like a dog loves a good scratch, and especially when comes with a free scalp massage - but I never thought of it as being discussion topic. The internet never ceases to amaze, eh. On this forum, "blow job" takes on a whole old meaning! Well, at least unlike porn, it's all good, clean fun, and the participants have little chance of getting pregnant or catching any communicable diseases. I wonder when the Proctor and Gamb