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Handsomest Man in Greenwich, Australia (via Soho)

A snippet from my Legend in Own Lunchtime files ... THERE I stood, having just exited Eastern Mountain Sports, SOHO after my weekly shift, when a couple on two Brompton folding bikes beckoned me in the darkness. "You're the girl who wrote the book about Cuba," said the gent who identified himself as Pete DeJong of Greenwich, Sydney. "I really enjoyed it." Now that's no small praise from an actuarial professor! "He's really picky about what he reads, so consider it a compliment," chimed in Pete's partner, artist  Dana Dion (check out her cool abstract expressionist art). "It was recommended by a friend of ours, the editor of the Weekend Australian." Holy helmet, I better get cracking and write another one ... It's a fleeting but flattering experience to be recognized by total strangers, especially when they're visiting from other side of the planet. Apparently it was my "Asian face and Bike Friday" t