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Dr Ruth Westheimer @ Bottle Rocket

If anyone needs to watch their shekels in this recession it's probably the average New Yorker, according to a recent report from the Center for Urban Future which revealed, among other things: * A New Yorker would have to make $123,322 a year to have the same standard of living as someone making $50,000 in Houston. * In Manhattan, a $60,000 salary is equivalent to someone making $26,092 in Atlanta. My NY recession tip of the moment involves saving money on entertainment without really trying, thus: I get the just-expired TimeOut NY dumped in the lobby every week. The idea is that you get so engrossed flipping through it and 'awwww shucksing' over all the things you just missed, you subscribe. The real benefit is that reading it takes so much of your morning you actually feel exhausted like you vicariously partook - but your wallet is intact. But I was foiled: a friend got so tired of me recanting just-missed events he bought me a subscription. Watch out wallet,