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Terrence Carey's Adrenalize: Dance like no-one's watching

Right: Terrence Carey allows you to hallucinate that you're Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago" for an hour in his 'Adrenalize' class One frustrating aspect of my life as a road warrior is the lack of continuity for things that require it – like classes. Sure, there's the odd drop-in yoga class, and a single guitar lesson might teach you enough of 'Stairway to Heaven' to get you banned from every guitar shop in town; you can loiter around a Trader Joe's cooking demo and fantasize you're at the Iron Chef's bootcamp. But for what I love to dabble in – dance - you generally need continuity. Most exercise classes are humdrum, and most modern dance classes are too complicated, especially if you're not a regular. I want a quick fix that makes this knock-kneed novice feel I'm training for both a big bike race, an MTV clip or Catherine Zeta Jones' tole in "Chicago", all at the same time. And all in 1 hour. I stumbled (trying to