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Governor's Island: a little piece of Manhattan where cars fear to tread

Governor's Island - a little, flat Utopia off the bottom end of Manhattan I'm slowly discovering New York's intriguing chunks of itself scattered close to the "mother ship," Manhattan.  There's Fire Island (holiday favorite of the gay community off the coast of Long Island), Roosevelt Island (an odd little strip of suburbia in the East River between Manhattan and Queens),  Ryker's Island (the prison island), City Island (Bronx), Ellis Island (houses a museum), Liberty Island (on which stands the lady in the green dress) and just this weekend, I visited  Governor's Island .  It could not be easier to get to this "ice cream cone shaped island" (check out the map below!) especially on a bike. Cruise down the west side bike path to where the Staten Island Ferry takes off, go a bit to the left, and there's a FREE ferry from South St to this little car-few nirvana.  From Wikipedia:  Governors Island, a 172 acre island in the heart