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NY Minutes: What snow looks like upover + Joe's Giant Step

A little video of me tramping through the icy streets of NYC for my mother and father (who are sweltering in the heat of high summer Downunder). Ever wondered what it's like to walk through an icebox? Assuming you could shrink yourself down and do just that - this comes close. One thing you gotta do - buy the right boots . This year I blew $100+ on a pair of Steve Maddens that had absolutely, positively, NO zip up the side. Why so? Step in curbside puddle wearing boots with a side zip and you'll soon know - you'll be ankle deep in water. I believe I was on my way to a talk by ├╝bernaut Joe Kittinger (first man in space, jumped out of a balloon at 102K feet etc) hosted by Forbes Adventurer Jim Clash .  Joe appears far left, Jim's in the fawn jacket. The jump has been called, "Joe's Giant Step." I tell you, the weather on the way over to the Madison Ave location soon became a blizzard - I felt like Scott in the Antarctic. Jim interviewed me in 2005

NY Minutes: Happy VD 2010 - maybe.

  Strolling past this building in Chelsea, NYC, I looked up to see a rolled tube containing a rose fall from a high window. It landed with a phtttht in the branches of a tree, as you can see.  What's the story behind this fallen rose, here on Valentine's Day?  Was it a "To heck with you!" moment? I paused a moment, waiting for an armful of men's clothing to swiftly follow, but it never came.  Thankfully.